Cubic and Bicubic Interpolation Excel Functions

Cubic and Bicubic Interpolation Excel Functions v3

We have expanded our custom Excel interpolation functions to interpolate both 2D and 3D datasets, i.e. to interpolate over a curve or over a surface.

Cubic and Bicubic Interpolation Excel Examples with Source Code

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Minimize and MinimizeNonnegative Spreadsheet Optimization v6

Excel Spreadsheet Function to Optimize Cells (without Using the Excel Solver) Version 6

The Excel Solver is a powerful tool for solving complicated problems.  But what if you want something smaller and more compact like… an Excel spreadsheet function?  Minimize() and MinimizeNonnegative() combine the power of a nonlinear optimizer with the convenience of a spreadsheet function.  Unlike the Excel Solver, these functions automatically respond to changes in the spreadsheet and recalculate like any other formula.  As an added bonus, Minimize() and MinimizeNonnegative() can optimize some things that the Excel Solver cannot.

Animated Demonstration of Minimize
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