A lot of mathematical techniques are described in detail, in language understandable only by gods. The rest of the topics are very elementary and there are many redundant sources to explain them. Math for Mere Mortals is a repository for math topics that fall between these extremes.

Another goal of Math for Mere Mortals is to emphasize math that is useful and to make it accessible. What good is it to know a mathematical concept that you can’t use for anything? Many of our articles go beyond the concepts by showing how to implement the math in computer programs. To that end we emphasize examples, especially in Excel – not because Excel is a great way to explore math but because it is accessible to many people.


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  1. Hi Kintaar. You might find the Math Viewer feature in FormulaDesk (my free Excel add-in) http://www.formuladesk.com useful when working with math concepts in Excel. It can display the current cell’s formula in Math notation which you can copy as an image (to insert into a blog post etc.). You can also add the equation to the sheet as a real equation object – that you can further modify if you want to. Alternatively, add it as a live equation which will ensure that it auto-updates when the cell’s formula changes. You can also transform text with Greek symbols, subscripts and superscripts. If you like it, please let me know if you have any feature requests or enhancements to make it better for your purposes.

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